Offering messages from the spirit worlds

for attaining personal enlightenment and higher consciousness. 

 Please feel free to use the contact form for general questions, to request personal messages from spirit or to request a healing session appointment.

Much Love. 

Be Blessed ~ Have Courage ~ Be True.

 The Breath of Spirit

Universal Medium /
Soul Wellness Practitioner

Blessings of Divine Illumination to All

and may you love exactly who you are and know what you are here to shine into the world.


​​When we embark upon our spiritual journey we must involve ourselves wholly by going within to meet our soul's essence

Then we begin to connect with body, mind, spirit energies and become beings with living purpose.

It is by the invisible breath of spirit, that we exist with sacred purpose.

 Through Mediumship,

The Breath of Spirit is a spiritually infused environment

offering universal communion between heaven and earth to assist in awakening the by bringing forth wisdom of the sacred messenger's by way of;

Spirit Communion & Personal Messages from Spirit

Spiritual Guidance / Life Consulting

Alchemic Ascension Birth Chart

Energy Balancing & Breath Work Sessions

Quantum Healing & Alignment Therapy

Environment Alignment

Cleansing and Blessing of Home or Business

Symbolic Interpretation of Visions & Messages

Spirit Presence Identification / Paranormal Distinguishment

Crossing Over Assistance

Criminal Case Messaging

Animal Wellness

Healing Essential Oil blends

Natural Health Planning

Private Wellness Classes

Self Help Ascension Workbooks

and whatever else spirit sends through...