Aquatic Animal Messengers.
Water Spirit Animals help us reveal and identify our hidden thoughts or actions. The subconscious mind represents water and is linked to Spirituality and the elements of the unknown. 

Fish,(general) — Swimming the currents of life, balance between mind and emotion, immersion in the Cosmic Sea, symbol of the womb and the primordial life force, the subconscious mind, that which cannot be seen but is certainly there.

Abalone — A rare prize, the need for fresh air, influenced by the stars

Anemone,– The flower of the sea,,but this rose has sharp thorns. Appearing as one thing and being another, many sizes and many colors. Unusual symbiotic relationships. Do not make assumptions and be aware of hidden dangers

Angel Fish,– Transformation of the spirit with spirit helpers, be aware to others who need assistance and for those who can help you. Understanding beauty as popularity and protection, effective use of color, ability to live within diverse situations. Understanding beauty as popularity and protection, effective use of color. Connection to reefs

Barnacle — Once attached it is difficult to remove, will slow you down and impede your progress, a group glued to its position, getting into a sticky situation

Barracuda — Transformation of the spirit, barracuda shows how to make your own way and follow your own path with strength and courage. Barracuda can teach a balance of action with inaction, rest and work, rest and play. Barracuda shows the power of actions and strength. (One of the biggest fallacies regarding Barracuda is that they are vicious predators that frequently attack people. Barracudas are relatively passive towards humans and while inquisitive, will seldom stalk divers with the intent to feed. Most attacks from barracuda are on divers who are spearfishing and try to wrestle away or deny the barracuda from taking away their catch, but even these are too few and far between to lend any credence to the “man-hunter” qualities of these fish.)

Blobfish — This deep sea “gelatinous blob” has been called the world’s “ugliest fish”, resembling a mini-Jabba the Hutt. And, the blobfish” is just as lazy as it looks as it barely expends any energy even eating, merely gobbling up whatever just happens to be floating by. Blobfish’s messages include: Think seriously think about your calorie intake and get some exercise or you may be as endangered as this fellow. You may get caught up with a fat, lazy, slob. Feelings of deep depression and deep sadness.

Brittle Star,,(Basket Star) — These starfish like creatures maneuver delicately and successfully in any situation. This creature is very agile and extremely strong. Brittle Star has amazing regenerative properties with an indication of coming back stronger and more abundant, though it can mean that something in your life may take a year to regenerate, but when it does, it will be better and more abundant. Brittle stars in shallow seas tend to avoid light and prefer to hide in dark crevices, becoming more active at night, or they inhabit the,ocean depths where it is always dark. It is a time to keep intuitions sharp and your outer “shell” hard while avoiding the light until your time comes.

Carp,– Youth, bravery, endurance, strength, self-defense, prosperity, often an immigrant in foreign waters

Golden Carp — Tenacity, radiant presence, perseverance, longevity, higher consciousness and spiritual understanding

Goldfish — Prosperity, beauty, harmony, balance of mind and emotion. Goldfish will help you look for new opportunities and aid you in taking advantage of them.

Koi,– “Living jewel”. The Japanese recognized these fish not just for their beauty, but for their ability to transport the observer into other worldly states of perception. These altered states of perception ultimately lead to the attraction of higher energy and carries one into other worldly states of perception and its transports one to lands of fantasy

Catfish,– Need to separate out what benefits and discard what does not, a greater sensitivity to the spoken and written word, if in a bad place you should walk home.

Listen and feel to what is going on around you. Catfish will teach discernment with heightened senses along with sharpening intuitions and feelings. Catfish are also clan animals in some Native American cultures such as the Ojibwe Tribe. In some South American tribes, catfish are associated with witchcraft and giant catfish appear as monsters in legends.

Cavefish — It has no eyes but can sense the in-coming vibrations in its path. In addition, it is very good at smelling out food, having a better olfactory sense for having taste buds all over its head. It is also able to store four times more energy as fat allowing it to deal with irregular food supplies more effectively. (Some creationists believe the cave tetra is seen as evidence against evolution. One argument claims that this is an instance of “devolution”; showing an evolutionary trend of decreasing complexity. But while increased complexity is a common effect, there is no reason why evolution cannot tend towards simplicity if that makes an organism better suited to its environment.) The cavefish’s lesson is that sometimes by making a process less complicated it will make situations less difficult to deal with and by disregarding how things appear to look one can get to the solution quicker.

Chiton (Moccasin Shell) — The armadillo of the sea, night life, knowing the usefulness of creating a vacuum, when uneasy crawl under a rock

Chimaera — Deep sea dwelling creatures that never see daylight that have eyes that do not see, but have a snout loaded with numerous sensory nerve endings, helping it nab smaller fish to eat. One of the chimaera’s dorsal fins is poisonous, too. (Not to be confused with the mythological “Chimera”, a fearsome beast in Greek mythology, with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon.) The ability to sniff out what the eye cannot see.

Clam — Ability to mine energy that lives within the Earth (bacterial symbiosis), digging deep to find mutually beneficial relationships, going within for answers. Getting around a lot more than others think you do. A good food source of B-12 and Iron and a unique way of life for those who harvest them. (“Happy as a clam” The derivation of the saying comes from the fuller version of the phrase, now rarely heard, As happy as a clam at high water’. Hide tide is when clams are free from the attentions of predators; surely the happiest of times in the clam world.)

Quahog — Quahogs, or hard-shell clams, inhabit the Atlantic seaboard from Canada to Florida. The Latin name Mercenaria mercenaria is derived from a word that means wages and was given to the quahog due to the Native American use of its purple inner shell, or “wampum,” as money and jewelry. Small quahogs are known as “littlenecks;” larger ones are called ” cherrystones;” and quahogs over four inches wide are called “chowders.” Only large chowder quahogs have shells thick enough for making wampum. Some quahogs have been found to be as old as 400 years. Quahogs symbolize money, especially old money as opposed to newly made.

Clown Fish — Ability to hide within dangerous situations, use of beauty as camouflage, ability to move as your enemies move, transmutation of poison

Conch — (In Buddhism the conch is a symbol which proclaims the truth of the,dharma. It stands for the fame of the Buddha’s teaching, which spreads in all directions like the sound of the conch trumpet. Shells which spiral to the right in a clockwise direction are a rarity and are considered especially sacred.) Calling together the religious

Cone Shell — Finding solutions to illness. Toxic situations and toxic memories. Inability to escape the past. Confronting past issues to find relief. Being forced to reconnect. Finding your way back to spirit. Don’t ignore what hurts you. Feeling pain to relieve pain.

Coral — The right timing. Release. Knowing inner and outer rhythms. Creating your world and the world of others. A solid foundation. Primal structure and support. Trust in where life is taking you. Universal trust.

Crab,– Symbol of the Moon. Emotional intensity and powerful intuition that ebb and flow with the tides. The appearance of the crab is a call to examine issues of sensitivity and to find an outlet for emotional release. The crab needs all of its senses to survive, using everything and unwilling to discard anything. They are able to resist changes and flourish in hostile environments. The lesson of being able to change focus and to walk and run sideways in order to confuse enemies.

Hermit Crab — Freedom loving, can live anywhere, rapid change, mobility, comfort in the darkness

Horseshoe Crab — Living fossil, connection to early life on Earth, ability to maintain balance, proper use of armor

Crayfish — Moving forward in spite of fears, if in encountering danger or trouble by moving forward it can move back and out of trouble

Cuttlefish — Master of disguise, attacking from ambush, sneaking up from behind.

Intelligence, adaptability, flashy when the mood is right, unseen when they need to hide. Master of disguise, king of camouflage, survivor extraordinaire. Cuttlefish are seen and unseen, real and unreal, of this earth yet alien.

Dolphin — [Do not confuse with the ‘Porpoise’] — Inner sounds that can create outer manifestations. Living in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature. Using the power of breathing as an emotional release of anger and pain. Swimming freely and goingalong with your feelings. (Contrary to its popular “Flipper” image, the dolphin can be aggressive and,violent. Out of 48 harbor porpoises stranded on the Welsh coast in 2004, 28 animals were found to have died from,attacks by bottlenose dolphins.)

Association with ‘Tuna’–“Danger of getting caught up in others troubles”

Dugong,– (A large marine mammal that spends its life in the sea), Moving forward into a wide range of possibilities, achieving wisdom. (seen also: Mermaid)

Eel — Great transformation through the electric and creative life force of the kundalini. A shape shifter who is not easy to catch (“slippery as an eel”). A connection to spirits of the rivers and lakes. Finding new ways to adapt and defend yourself whenever you need away to fight, in doing so some eels will,taser you.

Sea Eel,– Male sexuality, ability to watch unseen, escape when threatened, electricity, awakening of the Kundalini Energy, a great spiritual transformation, a life at sea

Moray Eel — Observation, watching for opportunities, unusual partnerships and on-again-off-again relationships

Flounder — An incredible transformation. (Changing from a normal appearing fish at birth to a round, flat fish in adulthood) Blending so well with the surroundings that they are hard to see, drifting along in the emotional waters

Goldfish — (see under “Carp”)

Grouper (Groper) — The dominant predatory fish on many coral reefs, groupers are a unique totem due to their reproductive behaviors, having a complex social system that leads them to change sex from female to male. The grouper is a Crying Game sort of spirit animal. It may carry with it a message of adolescent sexual confusion or transgender identification.

Grunion — Leaving your natural environment in order to express your creativity.,(Grunion come out of the water completely on certain nights,in order to lay their eggs on the beach.)

Herring — A streamlined look, a flashy appearance can draw unwanted attention, serving as cover for others, a shallow and rather oily individual, mouth always open, unpleasant smoke odor

Jellyfish,– Acceptance and faith, sensitivity to water energy (emotions), understanding of the value of floating rather than swimming through trying emotional times, ability to become untangled from the webs of peril in life, what is needed will be provided, a nasty sting. Jellyfish may be very transparent but she shows the heart’s truth, if you will follow it. This includes the pain and growth that may arise in the journey

Koi — (see under “Carp”)

Leaf Fish — Masters of camouflage, resembling a dead leaf floating on the water. Very good hunters they live in the leafy shallows and feed on any other fish that is small enough to fit in their mouths. Beware of the stalker who blends innocently with the surroundings.

Leech,– Ability to alter the flow of life force energy, simplicity of movement in cycles, latching on for dear life, can be a “blood-sucker”or a “blood-healer” (Fresh blood is the highest known source of pranic energy ) Leech directs you toward the Life Force, so trust the process you cannot see.

Limpet –,Pay close attention to your feelings and inner knowings. The limpet teaches flexibility and completion of endeavors along with balancing emotions and equalizing one’s duality. Slowing down will bring balance and harmony and restore peace within. Aids in discerning which attachment is the most correct one for you. Limpet guides you home again to a safe secure atmosphere, your own unique place of being connected and grounded.

Lionfish — Facing danger, standing your ground and not being swayed away by anything. Hidden peril, something in your life is hidden and very dangerous to your wellbeing. Use of beauty as defense, and the peril associated with depending on beauty. Use the control of movement and speed to conform to the situation. ( The annexing of foreign territory for”Lebensram”.

Lobster,– Lobster symbolizes independence and solitude, longevity, and regeneration. For a lobster to grow, they must shed their shells. They live lives of seclusion, hiding themselves on the sea floor among the rocks and seaweed. Their life spans are long – up to 50 years and they grow continually throughout their entire life cycle. Lobster shows how to keep protected on all levels; mental, spiritual, physical, guarding yourself with camouflage if needed along with balance and grounding. Progressing backward is sometimes needed to move forward, trust Lobster to show when and how to move into the next phase of your life. Concentration, coordination, ability to transcend the mind/ego, regeneration to restore what is lost, handiness

Manatee (Sea Cow) — Gentle and loving. Childlike and playful. Power in the sadness of the eyes with a face only a mother could love. Moving slowly and gracefully to get you there faster. Control of elements and thought, open to new experiences and new relationships. Using your appetites for Good. A need to watch for oncoming traffic.

Manta Ray — Ability to swim slowly through emotional waters, positive use of size, understanding differences

Marlin,– Ability to shake off negative energy, freedom fighter, ability to pierce the shell of an enemy and a flair for making grand entrances. Marlin shows the power of being alone with confidence that demonstrates an inward peaceful strength. Marlin people are loners, they love being alone not because they fear the company of others but because they are a lot more comfortable on their own. They feel confident that they can do everything on their own and only weak people need the help of others. Marlins are proud and sometimes result to a bad decision due to their being stubborn. Marlin also shows that playing of words is important in life. A flick of a tongue can destroy a relationship, and a simple word can cure the loneliest heart. When you want to learn the art of speech call on Marlin and he will provide you with the wisdom to speak what is necessary.

Minnow — Power of group protection, connection to youth, understanding peer issues, issues related to size, maintaining the self within the group

Mussel — Clumping together, metamorphosis, attachment, use of minerals

Nautilus — Symbol of beauty and proportional perfection, sacred geometry, architecture, knowing when spaces are alive with energy or dead and empty. The study of fractal geometry.

Oarfish — The oarfish is so named because of its long oar-like pelvic fins. Little is known about them, but a few examples of these fish have appeared over the years were usually found dead at the surface or washed up on a beach. At least one account describes the oarfish as giving off “electric shocks” when touched. Oarfish may provide the basis for many tales and fables of sea monsters from all over the world. According to ancient Japanese folklore, Oarfish were the messengers from the sea god’s palace who either forebode a tremendous catch of fish or a disastrous earthquake.

Octopus,– Multifaceted, skilled in many things, proper use of smoke screens (ink) in evading enemies, destroying negative barriers

Oyster — Precious, filter out life’s static, knows when it is time to close things to save on energy, sensitive to environment, protection.

Perch — Adept at going with the current as well as in finding its own way. It is more at home in fresh water, liking its presence to preferring that of clean surroundings. The Perch symbolizes toughness and persistence., It guides us so that we may be able to pay more attention to what goes on around us and respond with the right actions.

Periwinkle — Can survive in a tiny puddle, differing colors depending on the environment, migrating up and down with the flow of the tide

Piranha — Service to the river and the life within it, savagery, tearing apart enemies, understanding the power of groups, ability to totally consume (use) what is given to you

Porpoise — [Do not confuse with the’Dolphin’] — Bearer of wisdom, the power of breath and sound, harbinger of good fortune,,rarely going along with the group. The Legend of the Porpoise says that if you pray to see your true gift revealed a “dream porpoise” will deliver it.

Prawn — see “Shrimp”

Pufferfish — Defense through inducing fear in ones enemy, changing size to deter, transmutation of poison, power to induce a death-like state

Quahog — (see under “Clam”)

Remora,(Suckerfish) — Cannot,live in calm waters, being unable to focus, stoic sufferer, (It is not a parasite, but it will attach itself to a host animal, such as a shark. In Medieval lore it was called Echeneis and was said to attach itself to ships to slow them down.) Others holding you back in your attempts to get ahead

Salmon,– Determined, persistent, strength through desire, value of returning home, a transforming spiritual journey. Native American Totem Animal for “Leo”

Sand Dollar — Freely developing childhood, living partially hidden, the money of the mermaids

Scallop — The scallop resembles the setting sun and symbolizes a Celtic death journey westwards towards the setting sun. In medieval Europe, the scallop was considered an embodiment of the spirit; further, the scallop shell itself was the badge of pilgrims. It is an omen of fertility and a symbol of Aphrodite.

Scorpionfish — Warning. Feeling cornered and cornering others. Finding yourself in a tight spot.,Finding beauty threatening or harmful.

Sea Butterfly (Sea Angel) — Swim freely in emotional waters, letting go and floating along with the currents of life. Listening to intuition that guides movement in the depths of the emotional world. Passivity but also being aggressive when needed. Nearly colorless,it shows how to utilize transparency, discernment, seeing through the core issue. Take opportunities to be around others as they will help uplift you in knowledge and wisdom.

Sea Cucumber — Heightened communication, emphasizing hormone levels along with unconscious signals and nerves. Ability to change from rigid to soft by utilizing emotional balance. She shows how to remain firm in tight or delicate situations. Watch for potential symbiotic relationships to form.

Sea Dragon — Placidity. Currents. Gentle movement. Free-flowing. Gentle masculinity. Paternity. Going with the flow. Shelter. The protective ocean. Reef magic. Dragon energy. The protective father. Using beauty and brightness as camouflage. Facade.

Seahorse,– Male, graceful, a code of chivalry, can deal with emotions, courtship dancing, the only species where the male has the babies

Seal,– Imagination is your playground. Delving into the sub-conscious and swimming in the emotional sea. At home in the emotional waters but needing to be grounded to express creativity.Go with the flow to discover hidden mysteries.

Elephant Seal — Bold, gutsy vigor, an ability to make others feel uncomfortable, embracing discomfort as a way of challenging internally held thoughts and feelings, hiding your vulnerabilities, accepting assistance from others, using stones and gems in energy work, making a noise for what you believe in, using volume in arguments and debates, submitting to a stronger,force.

Sea Lion,–,Not having a social structure away from family and children. Poorly defined boundaries. Needing physical touch to feel comfortable with others. Dominating with physical size and presence. Imaginative and,creative,,vivid dreams

Sea Monkey — (A brand name for brine shrimp often sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets. Beginning in 1957 the product was heavily marketed, especially in comic books, and remains a presence in popular culture) Sea Monkeys are a true miracle of nature as they exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for as long as 50 years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future. The sea monkey thrives on fun, and practical jokes. Although once thought to be extinct, the Sea Monkey has recently re-emerged. Biologists confirmed that the species was never actually extinct. The entire species was playing a game of hide and seek. It became apparent at some time that with all the Sea Monkeys hiding, no one was searching for them. The sea monkey‘s message is to bide your time and wait for the future, while enjoying life in the meantime.

Sea Otter — The sea otter brings understanding of our childlike self and asks us to rediscover our playful side. In its wisdom it advises us to nurture our talents and make good use of them. Call upon her for the energies of resourcefulness and inventiveness

Sea Slug — Renewal through shedding ones outer skin, transmutation, protection through reputation, use of color to show how you feel. Sea Slug teaches the power of letting go of what is not needed. Slug will show when to move andwhen to rest. There is great power in this timing.

Nudibranch — Teaches to smoothly move in emotional waters.Move in a slow and steady pace by grounding in attitudes and principles all the while taking small steps toward the goal. Listen to intuition and senses along with your dreams for they will aid you in the direction you should be going. Time to learn something non-traditional?

Sea Hare –Sea Hare follows intuition and instincts by an extremely heightened sense of “smell” so follow the faintest scent to discover the root cause. Sea Hare guides movement in the emotional world. Listen to your dreams. The color of Sea Hare is the color of what it eats, so pay attention to the color. Observe and incorporate its colors into your wardrobe and surroundings for connective energies.

Sea Snail — Teaches flexibility and completion of endeavors along with balancing emotions and equalizing one’s duality. Slowing down will bring balance and harmony and restore peace within. When snail comes to you it offers an opportunity to show a graceful balance in life is possible. Although stern and cold on the outside has a soft-hearted manner.

Sea Snake — Releases air bubbles (restrictions) when under water, camouflage, anonymity, keeper of family secrets,,water magick

Sea Turtle — Representative of Mother Earth, ever returning to the Sea, bravery of the young, traveling long distances to,return to home and family, dedication to duty, reverence for life’s cycles,,a long and dangerous journey to adulthood. (Of the thousands and thousands of sea turtle hatchlings who take to the sea only a handful will survive to return to lay their eggs. It is a reminder of how few that set out on their spiritual journey will ever succeed in returning to the Cosmic Egg.) [see also ‘Reptile Animal Spirits’/Turtle]

Sea Urchin — Teaches discernment and the art of underlying circumstances. Slow and methodical, it shows how to maneuver with tenacity and patience. Nothing is impossible when Urchin is guiding you. Care of your feet, physical movement and grounding properties hallmark Urchin’s meaning. Pay attention to the color of the Sea Urchin for this will aid in understanding.

Shark,–,Survival by,instinct and acting without judgment. Sharks have a bad reputation as being dangerous, fearless and unpredictable. They can ignite a feeling of fear and terror in many people. If there is a situation that,needs to scared away the shark totem will help as the shark has the power to fend off negative elements. Having no swim bladder the shark can never stop swimming or,it would,sink to the bottom, so staying busy and active is important. The shark’s sensitivity to electromagnetic currents is a call to develop and refine sensory ability in order to bring a greater connection with the spiritual realm. Studying aromatherapy would be beneficial to help develop hunting prowess.

Epaulette Shark — (Walking Shark) Epaulette sharks have nocturnal habits and frequent shallow water or in tidal pools. This shark has evolved to cope with the severe nighttime oxygen depletion (hypoxia) in isolated tidal pools by increasing the blood supply to its brain and selectively shutting down non-essential neural functions. Controlled breathing and exercises in controlling your breathing to achieve a meditative state

Tiger Shark — Legendary thug of the sea. The vast majority of shark attacks are by tiger sharks. A terrifying demon in Japanese legends. A merciless predator hides beneath a placid surface, waiting for unwitting victims to enter its realm

Whale Shark — (Gypsy of the Deep) The biggest shark in the world. Generally the type who wait for others to approach them instead of the other way around, and are often better off for it. They attract souls who are just as curious, intelligent, and open-minded as they are.

Shrimp (Prawn) — Do not to hide from your fears; try new things. They show us how to come out of our shells and serve as a reminder to come forth in spite of fears and to move forward.

Brine Shrimp — see “Sea Monkey”

Mantis Shrimp — Reconciliation of opposites. Seeing what is hidden. Seeing situations from all perspectives. Remaining grounded in water.

Siamese Fighting Fish — Protection of boundaries within relationships. Warrior energy and understanding the nature of violence. Confrontation of ego.

Skate — Use less mobility in your actions, be careful in planning new ventures

Sponge — Absorption powers, effective movement of water and emotions, hermaphroditic characteristics

Squid — Ability to read the moods of others, can read body language of those around them, uses light, color and form to communicate, blushes easily

Starfish,– Regeneration, Moon magick, tidal movement, do things in your own way and follow your star

Crown-of-thorns Seastar — Being overwhelmed and overwhelming others. Ignorance. Closed-mindedness. Surviving on little. A lack of love. No support. Supporting yourself through the hard times. Taking and never giving back. Taking others for granted.

Stingray — The stingray often shows itself as a totem to anyone who has enhanced “feeling” senses. It is the stingray’s natural electrical sensors that alerts it to potential dangers. When the stingray appears it could be a sign that you need to become more aware of your surroundings. Look around and see if you’re missing something obvious.

Stonefish — The stonefish does a very good job of not being seen. It has camouflage that allows it to blend into rocks almost perfectly. It does not stand up when asked to stand and does not tell its neighbors where it is going on vacation. Of course, if a diver’s foot comes down on it due to this amazing camouflage, all hell breaks loose.

Sturgeon — Determination, teaching, leadership, knowledge, depth

Sunfish,(Mola) — Overwhelmed by freeloaders. Clumsy and staggering. Weight gain

Swordfish — Vigorous, powerful fighters, ability to jump (breaching) to dislodge pests, loose associations

Trout — Different appearances in different environments, cool clear emotional waters

Tuna,– Physically altering,to fit ones environment, fast mover, danger of accumulating toxins in the system;

Association with ‘dolphin’ “Going along with other groups for protection”

Walrus,– A,loner who likes to be an individual, has little respect for others who are not of its own kind,using a fierce mask wisely, an opportunity to uncover something hidden

Whale,– The whales lesson is to,learn to listen to,your inner voice and to be in touch with your own personal truths. Whale totem teaches how to awaken your inner creativity and how to create your personal song. Go deep within yourself to awaken your inner knowledge associated with voice, the use of psychic and telepathic abilities and all aspects of the Cosmic Sea. (The Record Keeper of Mother Earth)

Beluga,– Extremely social, curious and playful touching, playing tag

Blue Whale — The biggest fellow there ever was yet seen as,mouse like. Ability to communicate between cosmic realms and over vast distances. (If consuming dairy products use those made from organic whole milk and not low fat.)

Gray Whale — An elaborate courtship of playing coy and stringing several along. Being extremely protective of children. (Check children for lice and other parasites.) Always vacationing in the same place.

Humpback,– A famous singer and songwriter, enjoys acrobatics, prefers a smaller family, works well in group projects, a blowhard

Narwhal,,(a.k.a. “The Sea Unicorn”) — A whale with a long spiral tusk that the,medieval Europeans believed to be the horns from the unicorn. (The tusks were used to make cups that were thought to negate any poison.) The ability to detect subtle changes in the environment in order to avoid becoming trapped,,able to break the ice, able to poke holes in false fronts.,The shape-shifting servant to the Sea Goddess.

Orca (Killer Whale) — Creator of the Cosmos, breaking down the barriers of the human mind, obliterating the concept of good or evil, using the vibrational energy of song to heal, brings food and aid to a chief injured and helpless on the ice

Sperm Whale (“Moby Dick”) — The biggest brain and the deepest soul. Protection of the family group, easily approached and vulnerable when resting, warns with a loud slap. Going to extreme depths to find answers but only when you are mature enough. Slaughtered to oil the machinery of Man. Be warned that when you think you have overcome a foe it may,end,with you,being,the one taken you for a ride

Zebrafish — Thriving in confined spaces, likes attention, the white mice of the fish world


Mythical & Extinct

Spirit Animals can also be mythical animals. A Mythical Animal Spirit can be a strong symbol for a change in life. Mythical Spirit Animals are not usually a birth totem, nor do they stay with a person for a long time. The mythical totem is likely there for just this one challenge in your life.

Avanyu — The feathered Native American Sky Snake and guardian of water. It is revered as the storm bringer and the changer of seasons. It is connected with lightning, thunderstorms and violent, sudden change. Its influence is most noted amongst the peoples settled around great rivers, like the mound builders of the Mississippi and the pueblo dwellers along the Rio Grande.

Babel Fish– (from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) The Babel Fish represents removing barriers to communications, knowing what someone else is up to or mind or they knowing what you are up to, leeching off someone else’s ideas. A load of dingo’s kidneys

Benu/Bennu Bird — (see: “Phoenix” below)

Black Dog (Hell Hound) — A black dog is the name given to a being found primarily in the folklores of the British Isles. The black dog is essentially a nocturnal apparition, often said to be associated with the Devil. It is generally supposed to be larger than a normal dog, and often has large, glowing eyes. It is often associated with electrical storms and also with crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways. Its appearance is regarded as a portent of death.

Cabbit — A cross between a cat and a rabbit. Male rabbits are famed for their willingness to attempt sex with any female animal of roughly the same size, whether it is a rabbit or not. In additional, female cats will happily raise the young of any species alongside their own kittens. Thus comes the legend of the cabbit. The cabbit represents particularly randy males and particularly maternal females

Cheshire Cat — The grinning, charismatic, trickster of Wonderland in the famed tale “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The origins of the cat could have been from an old expression: “grinning like a Cheshire Cat”. The phrase possibly is a result of Cheshire cheese, which was sold often in the shape of a grinning cat. The “Cheshire Cat”, therefore, was most likely a totem for the the cheese makers. In the story the cat appears and disappears at will, engaging Alice in amusing but sometimes vexing conversation. The cat sometimes raises philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice. But, the Cheshire Cat is the only one in Wonderland who actually listens to Alice and he teaches Alice the ‘rules’ of Wonderland. A spirit guide that will give you insight into the madness of others and the seemingly absurd world around you.

Chimera — (Not to be confused with the “Chimaera” fish) According to Greek mythology, the Chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing creature composed of the parts of three animals, a lion, a goat and a tail that ended in a snake’s head. A hybrid “monster” which has a deep connection to the evil and demonic.) (Physiology: an animal that contains more than one set of genetic codings.) The chimera represents what happens when you try to combine things and end up with the worst possible combination. Associated with a warning of genetic meddling.

Dragon,– The Dragon represents prosperity which may be of spiritual enlightenment rather than material riches, the guardian of treasures that lay hidden deep within the unconscious

Fire Dragon — Vitality, enthusiasm and courage, help in overcoming obstacles

Air Dragon — Great flashes of illumination in intellect and psyche, insight and clarity, trust your inner voice

Earth Dragon — Power, potential, riches

Water Dragon — Redirect your enthusiasm

Gryphon (Griffin) — A magical lion/bird guardian of sacred arcane libraries. It is said that no one can pass a Griffin if they are fearful, greedy, or have no self-confidence; they are refused entrance. It symbolizes a need to protect something powerful within by the use of fierce boundaries. Wisdom, agility, flexibility, persistence, guardian of hidden treasures, guardian of the path to spiritual enlightenment, a symbol of the divine nature, Griffins mated for life and if their partner died they would continue alone forever.

Hell Hound — (see: “Black Dog”)

Hydra — (A dog monster with nine indestructible serpent heads and deadly poisonous blood. The Hydra of Lerna was killed by Hercules as one of his Twelve Labours.) Conquest of a powerful enemy.

Jackalope — (A cross between an extinct pygmy-deer and a species of killer-rabbit) Extremely shy unless approached gently, can be aggressive and unpredictable, a medicinal mother’s milk, “the warrior rabbit”

Kneazle — (from the “Harry Potter” stories) Familiar of witches and wizards, similar to a cat in appearance. An uncanny ability to detect suspicious and distrustful people. Can safely guide their owner home. Kneazles must be licensed if they become tamed in the event that a Muggle mistakes it for a cat.

Liver Bird — Symbol of the city of Liverpool, England. The Liver Bird was a mythical bird that once haunted the local shoreline .According to legend, they were a male and female pair, the female looking out to sea, (watching for the seamen to return safely home) whilst the male looks towards the city. Local legend also holds that the birds face away from each other as, if were they to mate and fly away, the city would cease to exist. Another local saying that, whenever a truly virgin lady passes by the Liver Buildings, the Liver Birds will flap their great wings. A symbol of sexual abstinence and innocence.

Mermaid — A legendary being of the sea, whose body is configured as half woman, half fish. Mermaids are commonly portrayed as being mesmerizing seductresses who lure men with their provocative beauty. While many a sailor has mistaken a dugong or other sea mammel for a mermaid, it is the way of this water nymph of the sea. The mermaid is akin to these creatures even to the point of being able to shape shift into one. The mermaid is a symbol of beauty and transformation, as well as an archetype of the classic dark female of mythology, (such as Lilith), leading us into the realm of the deep sea. (the unconscious). Mermaids call us to the unknown, urging us to abandon what we are and to become something new. If a mermaid has shown itself to you it may indicate a need to be near water to draw upon the energies associated with the element of water.

Pegasus (The Winged Horse) — Pegasus comes to us from Greek mythology. He was born of the blood of Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. Pegasus was concerned with sacred places and guarding them. He is the inspirer of rising above difficulties and teaches the importance of having quick and agile wisdom, as well as humility and knowing one’s boundaries. In modern times, Pegasus is seen as the symbol for the immortality of the soul, and as the carrier and protector that guards the spirit in its journeys into the astral plane. Pegasus is the power of the creative spirit in all of us. Pegasus is the horse of the Muses and in the service of poets. He is the symbol of inspiration, and of the beauty we bring to our life and the lives of others. Pegasus, calls you to create, in music, in poetry, in writing, in art and to share your expressions of beauty.

Phoenix — “Death and Rebirth.” The Greek Phoenix is a bird-like creature, that lives for 1000 years. Once that time is over, it builds its own funeral pyre, and throws itself into the flames. As it dies, it is reborn anew, and rises from the ashes to live another 1000 years. Phoenix symbolizes immortality, reincarnation and eternal light, the Phoenix brings with it a desire for change. When Phoenix comes it is likely that you are ready for a significant change, a renewal, a fresh perspective, or even a life-changing transformation. “Arising from the ashes!” (In ancient Egypt the Phoenix is called the Bennu Bird)

Pushmi-Pullyu — (From “The Story of Doctor Dolittle”: A llama which has two heads at opposite ends of the body, when it tries to move, both heads try to go in opposite directions) Being pulled in different directions by opposing forces. A need to free yourself from contradicting ideas and choose a path to complete the journey. (“Pushmi-Pullyu” has begun to come into usage as “business jargon”)

Rainbow Serpent — Sacred dreaming. Having a primal connection to water, and all water sources, seeing the world in terms of good people and bad people, judging others, colour therapy, rainbows nourish you, benevolence and malevolence, fertility and fecundity, sacredness, the wisdom of mountains, gorges and rocky outcrops, animism.

Sasquatch (Yeti / Skunk Ape) — Primordial creatures of Earth. living secretly in harmony with Nature and preferring to be alone. They represent a desire to be reclusive, and shy. While possessing deep feelings, they may appear snippy and hostile toward others. In a clearing they emerge as a trace of the enormous beings we were when we were the missing link. These creatures denote spiritual truths not easily accepted. A longing to retrieve innocence lost

Sea Goat — Not a marine mammal, the sea goat, better described as a goat fish, is a mythical creature with the head and upper body of a goat, and the lower body and tail of a fish. The fish part of this symbol represents passion, spirituality, intuition, connection with soul, the deepest depths of our being. The goat symbol represents intelligence, curiosity, ambition, but also steadiness, and ability to thrive in inhospitable environments. The goat climbs the highest mountains carefully, step by step, ever seeking higher vistas. It is the symbol of the astrological sign Capricorn.

Skunk Ape — (see: “Sasquatch” above)

Sphinx — The body of a lion and the head of a human (?) (The Greek Sphinx has wings, the Egyptian Sphinx does not) The Greek Sphinx poses a riddle and strangles all those who cannot solve it; the Egyptian Sphinx is a goddess of wisdom and knowledge. (Some archeologists theorize that the Egyptian Great Sphinx, upon which the Alexandrian Greeks based their image, may be much older than previously thought. Originally it may have had the head of a lion which a later pharaoh had removed and his own head carved in its place. The image of the Sphinx having a human head may be an imposture.)

Thunderbird — The Thunderbird is said to be an enormous bird-like creature with legendary strength and power. They govern the weather (their voice is thunder and lightening flashes from their eyes). The meaning of the Thunderbird as a Native American symbol varies according to the tribe. Commonly it is a Native American symbol of creation; the Thunderbird marks the separation between the heavens and the earth. A servant of the Great Spirit who carries messages from one spirit to another.

Unicorn — The ability to negate the effects of venom and poisons, the magick to make dreams become reality, connection to the spirits of the forest with its fauns and fairies. The magick of the unicorn can effect the weather. (see: Whale/Narwhal ) The legend of Zeus and the “horn of plenty” may be the origin of the myth of the Unicorn.

Womble — Fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures that live in burrows, where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in creative ways. Wombles were created by author Elisabeth Beresford, and originally appeared in a series of children’s novels. Although Wombles supposedly live in every country in the world, Beresford’s stories are concerned with the lives of the inhabitants of the burrow on Wimbledon Common in London, England. Wombles are extremely honest creatures. They dislike lies and deception, though on occasion they are known to stretch the truth or to omit important details. The Womble motto is “Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish”. They symbolize ecology and care for the envionment.

Wyvern — Revenge and retribution, creating protective barriers of fear as a defense. They can also symbolize envy, viciousness, war and pestilence. (Wyverns are heraldic dragons that look much like birds. They have two legs and a pair of wings. Sometimes these wings are depicted as “hands”, such that they can claps each other when the wings are folded. Wyverns are usually small and have wedge-shaped heads, but are sometimes depicted with smaller, more rounded heads. In addition to a beak-like jaw, which would be necessarily for the wyvern to carry food, the wyvern might also have a, a tail with a poison sting at the end of it.)

Yeti — (see: “Sasquatch” above)


Extinct Animal Spirits

Animals are, like us, endangered species on an endangered planet, and we are the ones who are endangering them, it, and ourselves. They are innocent sufferers in a hell of our making. Extinct animals often represents the primordial past out of which your present self has grown. It may also suggest something you are dealing with that is no longer alive or functioning in your life.

Dicynodont — (Mammal-like reptiles that looked something like a cross between a rhinoceros and the demon dogs from “Ghostbusters.” Researchers have now found that these dicynodonts pooped in communal latrines, designated areas for depositing dung.) Trying to balance natural with socially acceptable behavior. Potting training issues.

Dinosaur,– Ancient wisdom from the primordial, returning to the Earth and transformation within, (“sic transit gloria mundi”). A dinosaur also represents an all powerful fear. A fear that is too big to confront or so time consuming that you can’t think of anything else

Carnivore Dinosaur — Knows no fear, pursuit of prey

Allosaurus — Clear vision , stealth, understands the power of co-operation

Tyrannosaurus — Confrontation skills, ruthless pursuit

Velociraptor — Working in groups to problem solve, speed is of the essence,

Herbivore Dinosaur — Seeing through emotional issues

Brontosaurus– Awareness of the power of self, proper use of slowness, ease of movement through emotional waters, ability to digest all aspects of an issue

Triceratops — Connection to the rhinoceros, Understanding of the predator-prey relationship, completion of cycles, ability to stand ones ground

Omnivore Dinosaur — Ability to be in two places at once, ability to go either way

Dodo Bird — Growing up in near isolation and then being overrun by others. Having no enemies until you start getting noticed. Being unjustly blamed for your own problems because people say you are stupid. “The new neighbors make life impossible and we can’t get up and fly away”

Saber Tooth Tiger — Savage energy. Going for the throat. Facing deep primordial fear.

Thylacine (Tasmanian Wolf) — The recently departed. (Thought to have become extinct in the 1930’s) Withdraw from the mob and walk alone for a while. Accepting and embracing the unknown. Moving between past, present and future. The secrets of rock caves

Thylacoleo (Marsupial Lion) — Getting what you want in a straightforward manner, being unafraid to attack others to get what you need. Finding it difficult to be appreciated by others, fighting for recognition. Having the ability to crush others with your words. Forgotten power and strength.

Wooly Mammoth — (In the legends of the arctic peoples it was believed to be a large, burrowing monster who died when it saw sunlight) The use of ancient medicines. Freezing food for much later use.