This is an entertaining process which allows us to resolve restrictive thinking which limits our joy in life AND by doing the work, naturally speaks to our soul calling forth its wisdom to reign in our physical lives.

What you will Need; a notebook specifically for working these thoughts, a pen and quiet space in your mind and environment.

How to Process the comic consciousness to "cosmic" consciousness... Simply take each image one by one. Read it and think about it for a minute or so to figure out what "you" think the message is revealing. Then write down that conclusion and how that perception makes you "feel".

Ask yourself if the perception makes you feel negative, angry, upset, sad or uncomfortable and if so, think back to a personal experience that may be related to the picture message/ your feeling. Then we must determine and distinguish where our perception about the subject originated. Ask yourself exactly where you attained your perception on the subject matter, Did it come from someone else (parents, friends, society, religion, schools etc) or did you acquire your wisdom on the matter from your own inner knowing.

Therein lies the key to higher consciousness.

PONDERthe thought deeply so that you can connect as to how your own perception/thoughts might contradict or understand the message.

SEEK BALANCE between the two forms of thought; social conformity vs inner knowing.

The focus is for YOU to Seek YOUR OWN most beneficial consciousness to help yourself resolve trained, programmed, trauma induced, social perception and limited thoughts that induce emotional reaction and divide you from the neutral untainted original being that you are.

Our world of life and death demands that we function in our higher consciousness And our souls journey hereafter requires it for us to be free.

Allow the souls Intelligence to lead. 

 In the effort to unite and harmonize dual thinking, social conformity, judgments and perceptions of what one person thinks is "true, or not", I offer a plethora of consciousness to delve into in the effort to free ourselves from the menial 5% of the brains power that most humans function in, the "human trained / ego conformed" consciousness of mankind.