Going Into the Light

Having an Out of Body, Near Death experience, my own personal experience within the afterlife was life changing and goes beyond words.
It all began with a day 9 years ago when I was feeling very fed up with the life that I had made for myself. I was extremely angry with myself and the detrimental choices I had made in my life. I was sick of living that life. So, as the anger and disgust welled up inside, I, to my surprise, burst into prayer. I had never prayed like that. It was a “power prayer,” that came from deep within, a demanding prayer, where I didn’t ask God to fix it, I demanded it, with every ounce of energy, every part of my being. I am a little feisty, so I, true to me, prayed aloud, forcefully and angrily, telling the presence of the creator (God) “You had better get down here now and fix my life or take me, I have screwed it up and I can’t fix it, so you either fix it or take me home now! Because I’m done, I don’t want to live this way anymore.”

Little did I know then how quickly the divine respond to those types of prayers.

When I arrived at work, I continued with my day and forgot all about that moment and what I had prayed. Around lunch time I needed to go to the bank and while driving, I began to see a vision unfold in my mind of a white car coming towards me, hitting me. I thought briefly, how strange and no sooner did the vision fade, I looked to my left and saw a white car coming towards me crossing the yellow line. I knew that the car was going to hit me head on.

In an immeasurable hyper-second of time everything happened so fast. I recalled thinking, “Oh no, this isn’t what I meant” I was sure then that God chose to take my life rather than fix it. The last thing I recall thinking was that “Oh no, you can’t take me, I can’t leave my son behind so young.” He was the only thing that I wanted to live for, But simultaneously I knew that my prayer was sealed.

Then I am drawn to look up and I see Archangel Michael descending from my left, streaming very quickly towards me. Then in a split moment I felt Archangel Michael pulling me, more like sucking me out of my car. I was then floating in a dead silent space moving upward but behind him, in his trail of light (and I use the term him/he for human understanding because the divine beings are not human, they are forms of light consciousness).

The space that I was in was so brightly illuminated with white mist and so silent, but felt so soothing, natural and perfect.
Then, while following behind in Michael's stream of energy, I hear the cars crash behind me. I half-heartedly turn to look to see and realize that it was the actual crash taking place and I was not there. Michael had taken me out-of-body before the crash.
At this point, I assumed that I was dead. I then held a concern that I didn't want to leave my son behind but Michael gave me a recall of when he was electrocuted as a child and he had encountered the light and angels himself. Michael sent into my knowing that he was watched over and would always be tended to by the angelic forces.

After I realized he would be Ok, with the messengers watching him, I thought, good, because I don’t want to go back then. I turned and looked forward. I saw Michael ahead of me, me following behind in his light trail, the white mist now getting thicker and up and to the right, a tremendous brilliant light which was getting brighter as we moved closer towards it. It felt so peaceful, perfect and complete in that space. Everything felt together and absolute perfection vibrated. There was no emotion or thought only telepathic unity with everything...it really goes so fare beyond description. No word could ever describe it. 

I then realized that Michael was actually going to take me into that huge brilliant light. My whole, my everything was in love with the space and just as I thought, I don't ever want to leave this space, we jetted into the light.
Here I stood at the entrance with Michael on the left, Gabriel on the right and I sensed their forms then as the presence of God the divine creator. Masculine and feminine being as one from the first origin, God. 

I began to argue with them (uselessly I will add) but I put my hand on my hip and stomped my foot stating to the " that's just wrong, that's not right, you can't bring someone here and let them feel this and then send them back!"  I expressed my fight telling them that I didn’t want to go back but all that got me was another presence. They said something to me which I don't remember but I looked forward, between us, and I see a form began to appear. As it approached me light began to take shape as a mass form of miraculous energy. I knew this was the presence of God itself. I say itself because God is not him or her, it is both and all, as one. Evidently through telepathic communication, God has "dealt with me before haha they knew everything about me and expected the fight. So with all that love, perfection and fight for what was right, I felt that I would be granted the stay. The love and feeling and perfection goes beyond words.

As god approached me I thought I was going to be embraced with a full on energy driven hug with words that I could stay But, God stretched out the image of a finger and as its energy hit my upper chest it zapped a brilliant light and like a lightening bolt - I was outta there.
The next thing I know, I am waking up inside my car enveloped in a white misty cloud. It was so white and I felt so light and heavenly in my body that at first I thought I was actually dead and I have been sent back to earth in spirit form. Little did I know this was true but in that moment I was being literal. It took a few moments for me to understand that I was actually alive. I felt the angels were watching over making things happen and helping me “come to awareness” again.

Then I begin to recall what had taken place when I was in the presence of Archangel Michael and for a brief moment I thought “REALLY!?!?” haha. But again, Michael sent his wisdom through me and I knew that my prayer had been answered. While I did not know how, I knew undoubtedly that my life would change from that point on. And it did. From that point of intervention, the divine presence began to change my life by guiding me directly, just as they did when I was in the light. I had to give my life up in order for that to happen. I received exactly what I prayed for and truly understood with the mind of divine messengers... “What is of mans, is mans … What is of Spirit, is Spirits.”

For all of those who have already experienced the light - Be Blessed, Have Courage, Be True and serve your portion letting others know. For those who have not, Seek It!

May everyone be blessed with even the slightest touch of that which dwells out of your sight... here and in the hereafter.