“The Angels in the Woods” 

 Where Life, Mystery, and Magic Take Flight 
“Angels in the woods” is a magical therapeutic children’s story for both children and adults. The story unfolds in real time where a very special magical woman of the forest leads two beautiful children deep into the mystical woods to help bring understanding to upset feelings and negative behavior. Along the way, they meet many forest critter friends who share life’s secret messages to help them understand themselves in relation to harsh things about the out-world.

As the children go deeper into the woods they meet many animals, birds, and insects, a magical wizard, mother universe and the four elements. This mystical family of the woods take the children on a magical visual journey as they reveal life secrets and empower the children to grow up with their child’s heart, just as they were made – happy, kind, loving, and understanding. In the end, the children meet four of the most powerful super-angels of the woods who reveal the magical secrets for the children to remember and live by so that they may always feel safe, cared for and watched over.

The forest family also speak a magical reminder to adults as the content and secrets revealed within the story acts as personal awakening. Adults are reminded of how their negativity and lack of being happy, kind and understanding can make a detrimental impact on the growth of children.
Like magic, the mystical family in the woods subtly remind adult readers that they are the ones teaching children by the way that they behave. More importantly, adult readers are reminded that they too were born with a child’s heart. They were made to be the same… happy, kind, loving and understanding.

“Angels in the Woods” is not a picture book but rather a personal drawing/coloring book. The child (or adult) may draw and color all of the forest friends to their very own vision thereby, making it their very own book of life. Each child will also receive their very own life message from their very own angel.

The Stone Philosophies Guidebook
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 "Re-Awakening the Inner Self" 
Go beyond being a just a product of the human conditions. 

​If you are tired of carrying the weight of your mind or being someone you are not - then it is time to embrace the greatest gifts that dwell within you... the principles of who you are.

The Stone Philosophies as unorthodox and controversial as it may be is an all-encompassing self-help ascension process. This guidebook is creatively designed to re-awaken the inner philosophies that we have allowed to turn to stone within ourselves. The expansive content brings higher thinking regarding the self back into focus so that we may truly enjoy life beyond the human conditions.

For an unexpected ascension, join Jennifer on this intimate journey. Experience yourself through the mind-blowing concepts, basic moral practices and metaphysical messages from Archangels and spirit guides.

The Stone Philosophies is already regarded by those who have experienced its essence to be a new spiritual resource for the people. Take a step upon the first stone and allow yourself to re-awaken to self-enlightenment and receive the mystical elixir to become comfortable within your own skin.

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Angels in the Woods Children's Story
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