Reptile Spirit Animals are intuitive and fiercely independent.

These Spirit Animals aid in our understanding of our internal realm in relationship to our external realm. Reptiles are never slaves to external conditions changing temperature with their surroundings.

Alligator — Maternal protection, connection to Mother Earth, revenge through patience, understanding ancient knowledge, rough, stern, stealthy, basic survival, ‘The Ancient One of the Swamp’. Alligator is a challenger. It warns of danger. If you happen to see one, study its behavior well. “Alligator is an element of maternal protection and revenge through patience. She claims a connection to the Earth Mother. She understands deceit and the weather, and has access to ancient knowledge. She offers protection from manipulation and is a creature of initiation.”

Anole: see under “Lizard”

Axolotl — Remaining unscarred. Regeneration, healing and health. Remaining firm in your beliefs, remaining unscarred despite trauma, associations with the Aztec God Xolotl, warning against sacrificing your youth. On the negative side; refusing to grow, and seeing change as a sign of weakness.

Chameleon — A third eye brings clairvoyance and aura sensitivity. Sensitive to changes in the environment. A symbol of the inconstancy of life and the Sun as a source of power. Chameleon teaches how to show true colors of the self in your environment and in your sincere emotional nature. Chameleon gives people the awareness of their own psychic ability and intuition. (Anoles are often mistaken for chameleons. Chameleons are primarily found in the mainland of sub-Saharan Africa and on the island of Madagascar, although a few species are also found in northern Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East, southern India, Sri Lanka and several smaller islands in the western Indian Ocean, while Anoles are found in Southeastern USA, Cuba, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands. If you are not sure see “Anole” below under “Lizard”)

Crocodile — “Crocodile silently coasts along, submerged beneath the water of his Aquarian world. His long evolutionary path enabling him to watch all, as his lives progress down through the ages.” Primordial power, warns of danger, aggressively defensive, dark and brackish places. “Great Mother of the Nile”. According to legend, the little plover bird hops into Crocodile’s mouth and cleans its teeth. Although Crocodile eats birds, she never harms Plover. We can call upon Crocodile and Plover medicine to help us form alliances with people who are very different from us, and to help us find allies where and with whom we least expect.

Frog –,The magic of both water and land, metamorphosis and transformation they are symbols of water magic and the magic of the night for working with emotions and dreams, cleansing the negativity from the environment. The frog is a singer of songs of the ancient watery beginnings of life calling forth the rains. Exceptional sight giving clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities with a sixth sense connection to the greater populace, leading to the discovery of the two-fold aspect of life.

Tadpole — Metamorphosis, the power of change and coming of age. The inner child reveled

Gecko — Having the ability to see through the transparency of life and get to the core of a situation (they have a transparent membrane over their eyes instead of an eyelid), naturally intuitive, seeing things from different angles, blending into the background and moving through life unseen, sticking with people and ideas, pay attention to where you are walking and don’t get stuck going down the wrong path. A cute little creature, but one that has managed to achieve great things. Geckos can originate from one country and within the space of 10 years be found in many other locations around the world suggesting the work of a quiet achiever. It also has the feel of networking; sending out your eyes and your ears to gather in information. The Gecko can move on and up any smooth surface with ease. It could represent the ability to tackle any problem with ease. The gecko female is parthenogenic meaning that it can reproduce without a male so it could also represent versatility and the ability to work alone without need of assistance from others.

Gila Monster — Preservation, survival, careful use of resources, do not over extend yourself

Goanna — Journeying to seek desert wisdom. Visualization and visual dream working. Inner and outer strength; confidence and arrogance. Knowing how to protect yourself. Teaching others to protect themselves.

Iguana — An ancient one who is little understood. Patient, gentle, kind and understanding. Living near water and fond of going swimming. Will die if confined. “The benevolent dragon”

Komodo Dragon — Ability to enter into long dream states. An adept to Earth vibrations it stands a solid energy grounding position. Great strength on land and in the water. Can swim at great speed through the (cosmic) sea to reach distant realms. Can’t wait to grow up and lead a long life.

Lizard (general) — Relaxed, knows when to back off, hidden defenses, elusiveness, appears when we need to analyze our present reality and brings the message for immediate change in some area of our life, pay attention to your dreams and visions

Anole — (Anoles are mistake for “chameleons”;{see above}. This is due to the color-changing ability of the green anoles who, when severely stressed or ill will turn dark brown. They are not true chameleons, which are a species of lizards that look very different from anoles and come from different parts of the world. When a green anole turns brown, it is a sign of severe stress. Stressed anoles may turn green at night when their lights are out and they are asleep, but will turn brown again once they wake up and start the new day.) True harmony comes from trusting your own perceptions rather than others. If “that” is what you want no path is to tough for you.

Frilled-Neck Lizard — Hiding who you are. Knowing who you are. Using façade as a mechanism for growth. Doubt and self-confidence. Preserving the hidden self.

Skink — Darting and swift, the lined skink is an especially endearing lizard. Totem animal for the fleet of foot!

Newt — Posturing defense, poisonous reaction, living between land and water, living between the waking and the dream state

Salamander — A fiery element that roams between Earth and Water and those with it as their totem often lead a double life. The salamander signifies all things that are hidden and are often seen as the keepers of dreams. Their ability to live in water and on land can reflect dreaming to be lucid and connected to the Mysteries of the Earth. It can cloak itself in the face of adversity and is a magical talisman that brings comfort in the darkness. The appearance of the salamander heralds that a time of transformation is coming from sources outside of the self. The totem animal of Appalachia.

Slug — Living in both the male and female, stretching oneself to incredible lengths, following trails already traveled, rainy nights

Snail — Taking an irregular path, shutting oneself away when things get too hot, “Cupid’s archer”

Snake (general) — Universal symbol of the exploration of the mysteries of life. Because the snake represents the unveiling of the sacred mysteries many repressive belief systems have linked snake to evil ideas. (The legend of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland is one example of these repressive systems using the snake as symbol of evil that had to be eradicated.) The snake is a totem which appears as protection from religious persecution. Throughout history the snake has been the subject of legends linking it to creation, fertility, transformation and sexuality. The snake is fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation and it is the symbol of transformation and healing. (The image of the snake is found on the “Caduceus”, The snake must shed its old skin in order to survive, symbolizing death and rebirth. (The image of a snake swallowing its own tail is a symbol of eternity) The shedding of the skin is also associated with astral travel and out of body experiences, thus in shedding your skin, the snake symbolically guides you along the path of transformation. (The snake is cosmic consciousness, the ability to experience all things without resistance, and the knowledge that all things are equal in creation. It signals a great transition in life through new opportunities and changes. Native American Totem Animal for “Scorpio”

Adder — Wisdom, cunning, fertility, can hide in the shortest of grasses when seeking prey or to defend itself from a larger animal

Black Mamba — Looking into the abyss, being feared, using fear to keep others away and threatening because you feel threatened. Leave me alone!

Copperhead — Serious but not fatal, an encounter that will leave a scar, hiding in the leaves that fall

Cobra — Soul guide, transmutation of the soul, past life memories, wisdom of the Goddess, freedom from religious persecution

Constrictors (Anaconda / Boa / Python) — Becoming the vine. Swallowing whole, gorging and then abstaining. A constricting situation

Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin — At home in the water, aggressive action, will stand their ground, showing teeth to intimidate, shut your mouth quickly

Garter Snake — Different colored stripes are the messengers of jealousy and deceit, beware of dishonesty

Rat Snake — A time for movement and progress no matter what situation you are in. Be aware of danger when the air does not “taste” right.

Rattlesnake — Rebirth, renewal, transformation, primitive energy

Taipan — Letting go of offensive tactics. Goddess energy. Initiation. Back off. Serpent energy. Strong reputation. Shyness and vulnerability. Scaring others away.

Toad — The keeper of omens. The toad is a powerful symbol of transformation, as it grows from tadpole to toad. It has associations with fertility, magic, fairies, and Witchcraft. The Toad Bone amulet was said to confer many strange magical powers on those that carried it. It is related to the toadstone, a stone said to rest in the head of a toad. The toadstone could grant invisibility to its bearer. A toad totem is a representation of the Moon, and represents both Life and Death. In alchemy, the goad signifies the dark side of Nature. In ancient Mexico, the toad symbolized the Earth

Tortoise — A land bound Earth symbol, feels at home where ever it may go, will go into its shell when scared, non-violent self-preservation, ancient wisdom, feminine energy, changes in climate can affect disposition and a stable environment is needed, a time for you to receive mystical wisdom

Turtle — Oldest symbol of the Earth, the personification of goddess energy and the eternal Earth itself, self -protection through non-violent defense, healing powers of feminine illness, inner knowledge and thought, slow down your pace and focus on grounding your thoughts and actions, return to the Earth equal to what you take, keeper of doorway into the Faerie Realm (see also ‘Water Animal Spirits/Sea Turtle’)

Painted Turtle — Enjoying the company of others while resting and rejuvenating in the Sun. Working in group projects toward common goal. A painted turtle teaches the power and use of colors.

Sea Turtle — Representative of Mother Earth, ever returning to the Sea, bravery of the young, traveling long distances to,return to home and family, dedication to duty, reverence for life’s cycles,,a long and dangerous journey to adulthood. (Of the thousands and thousands of sea turtle hatchlings who take to the sea only a handful will survive to return to lay their eggs. It is a reminder of how few that set out on their spiritual journey will ever succeed in returning to the Cosmic Egg.)

Snapping Turtle — Represents one’s moods, aggression and defensive mechanisms. The snapping turtle is associated with being a great Native American warrior

Water Dragon — Going to the water when frightened or upset, use your “third eye” to see.