~ Who is more foolish,

the child who is afraid of the

dark or the man

who is afraid of the darkness

within the unknown? ~

Spiritual Assistance

Services for the Body, Mind, Spirit  

Our Body, Mind, Spirit is the connective element to your souls eternal dwelling and living human purpose.

It is through direct contact with your element that you, by natural creation, merge and unite with your sacred origin.


 Soul/Life Purpose Alchemic Birth Chart -revealing information channeled of the sacred origin illuminating one's soul identity and ones living purpose in relation to the day that they were born into this earthly realm of time. The information contained in this report is vast, leading us to the outer reaches of our human mind while delving into the synchronicity of the expansive soul matrix of numerics and ancient design for our own personal knowledge to rise from the sacred wisdom encoded within our being.

  Spirit Messages  - Request a personal message from spirit. Messages are specific to your sous essence, spiritual awakening and time of the soul's ascension. Please use the contact form below to request channeled messages without analysis.

  Spiritual Guidance / Life Consulting - offering assistance and intervention in the areas of one's self-discovery and healing to help open the door into the soul's journey of peace, joy, and purpose related to all forms of life, spiritual or paranormal situations. 

  Intuitive Energy Balancing & Breath Work Sessions - Balancing the energy fields of the soul and body through touch therapy coupled with meditative breathing techniques and utilizing direct energetic transfer. 

  Quantum Healing Alignment therapy - Quantum energy infusion to help one with medical, mental, emotional or spiritual balancing and healing. For ones ascension process quantum therapy is specifically aligned with ones spiritual timing to catalyze the release of the Pineal ascension substance. Prayer and aligning the ascension substance is also necessary for those experiencing the time of the soul crossing over.  

  Therapeutic Essential Oil blends - Blends are channeled specifically for ones physical & spiritual needs, are individually formulated and energetically infused.  

  Breathe & Stretch Wellness Classes - Therapeutic and intuitively led classes (group or private) designed to stimulate the body, mind, spirit union through gentle stretching, gentle yoga poses, breath and meditation techniques. Includes hands-on healing, learning how to live in harmony and various spiritual alignment modalities. This class is especially helpful for those battling any imbalance or restriction in the body, mind or spirit. Group $8.00/Private 50.00hr. Class is limited so please call to hold your space  

  Natural Health/Lifestyle plan (medical intuition)-  Intuitively determining the spiritual and energetic influences that may be causing illness to affect the body negatively. This is especially important for those seeking a life in divine service and those experiencing debilitating issues and rehabilitation facilities housing animals.

 Himalayan Therapy Massage; of Head, Neck or Shoulders providing energy balancing, releases tension, emotional imbalances, anxiety, stress and stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes positive neuron firing within the brain and assists in releasing ones harmonious ascension substance within the glandular system. 1/2 hour Therapy $50.00

 Animal Wellness (domestic and wildlife)Assisting Zoo's, Sanctuary's and Rehabilitation centers seeking animal clarity and communication to harmonious habitat design and specific individual animal needs for a healthy happy life.  

  Divine by Design Environment Alignment...(similar to Feng Shui, interior design, home organizer, staging etc) but more personalized and specific to the divine aspects of the individuals soul essence and purpose to bring forth total spiritual alignment and harmony into your environments.  It is what we have in our environments (what we ingest daily) that influences our state of being therein our dwelling spaces need to reflect the illumination and harmony that vibrates with our soul rather than the opposite which seeds discontent and illness into your being. Initial planing 8 hrs $560.00 thereafter $65 hr.  

  Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing of Home or Business; A necessary cleansing of harmful energies after experiencing shadowed spirits,  heavy energy, illness, upset and trauma being in the environment.

  Decoding, Symbolism and Analysis - Assistance in understanding messages, meanings, dreams, signs, symbols, animal medicine, numerical meanings, natal sequences, and anything that you "just know" is spirit trying to tell you something. CRIMINAL CASE INFORMATION information and visionary that may help with ones inner questions.

 Spirit Presence Identification / Paranormal Investigation; Communion, Action and Removal... Mediumship communion with any and all paranormal and/or Extra Sensory activity and is especially helpful when dealing with mental, trauma and/or psychiatric issues and children with questionable behavioral situations. I do not always need to be present at the property in many cases as I, as guided, can work quantumly. NOTE; Paranormal activity is not "entertainment" souls are entrapped or lost and trying to endure their dwelling space and no soul should ever have to endure the idiocracy of human taunting or be left alone trapped in a traumatic loop. Thereby I reunite all souls with the origin of love to help them find illumination. Please do not call me if you are seeking to taunt spirit for your own self entertainment.

 Crossing Over Assistance -
This session is a connective process of soul to soul communion in prayer between the practitioner, the source (based on their faith) and the beings soul that is moving through the stages of crossing over. The souls are linked and illuminated as the soul crosses between worlds. This session is extremely comforting to those leaving this world, affording the soul a friend to walk with them when crossing. N/C

  Self Help Ascension Guidebooks ~ Please see "Self Help" link for details.

Services are Non Profit - Donations and fees are appreciated as donations are gifted to our "Bleeding Hearts" fund which is utilized to assist those in need of receiving food, utilities, gas, pet care and medical needs to which they cannot afford themselves, spiritual needs, healing supplies, travel, website fees and supplies for those (people and animal) in need. Consultation rate is $50.00hr or Donation basis. ​I do not charge fee's for "Divine" Channeled Messages and as guided sessions are offered by meeting appointment, phone, email or Instant Messaging. I commune with the soul so I do not always need to be physically present to perform spiritual practition but in the event that I am required to be present Travel fee's do apply.  If you are unable to distinguish how spirit is leading you just  give me a call.

Please use contact form to request channeled messages or to schedule a consultation appointment. The donation link below can be used for all payments once your appointment is scheduled. You may also call me to schedule and make payments over the phone 828-260-7750 Much Love and Gratitude!